Our Studios


The Voice Studio

The Voice Studio is used for all of The Voice Factory’s corporate e-learning, telephone, and voiceover productions. This is the studio used by all of our professional voice talents. The wall’s are completely lined in noise-reduction padding so that the best possible audio quality can be achieved by our top-of-the-line microphones. The studio also includes a convenient teleprompter to make recording voiceovers easier than ever!

The Podcast Studio

This is the studio where all of The Voice Factory’s podcast productions are recorded. The studio is equipped with three microphones, but can fit up to six in-studio guests. The echo-reduction pads lining the walls of the booth allow for perfect audio recording quality. The studio also allows for call-in guests who will be patched through right to the studio headphones, allowing for broadcast-quality production with guests from anywhere in the world!

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The Whisper Booth

The newest addition to The Voice Factory’s collection of studios, The Whisper Booth is perfect for the production of audio books, monologues, vocals for music, or any other single-voice productions you can imagine. In addition to using the booth for client projects, we rent it out for independent use at affordable rates as well.


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