Our Team

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Gary Chase

President & Founder

Gary has made a career in broadcasting, musical & production arts, mixing creative skills with entrepreneurial abilities to build The Voice Factory into a respected audio production firm serving large corporate customers in a Global Marketplace. After receiving a music degree in 1973 from Mount Allison University, Mr. Chase entered a career in broadcasting, that included writing, producing and announcing on radio and TV. In 1981 Mr. Chase formed Epcom Communications Ltd. which later became Voice Factory.


John Dykeman

Production Manager

John is in charge of all types of audio production, from the standard radio commercial to video narration to the automated phone systems (known as IVRs) that we deliver across North and South America and Europe. After 20 years with Voice Factory, our clients rave about his creative and courteous service. John really enjoys the one-on-one contact that he has with the various clients. His skills as a recording technician and digital editor are legendary. John makes people sound great!

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Zachary PelletieR

Audio-Video Technician

Expert in all things audio, Zachary Pelletier covers the technical side of The Voice Factory's podcast production, including recording, audio and video editing, scheduling, transcriptions, and consumption. Zach is currently a second year Media, Arts & Culture student at University of New Brunswick and spends his off-time recording with emerging musicians in the Saint John area.

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Don Hemmings

Senior Intern

Don Hemmings is a self-proclaimed “senior intern” who’s love for life-long learning drives his passion for finding new ways to explore the audio medium. For over fifty years Don has been interested in technology disruption and in the last few years has taken that interest into the audio production industry.


Matt George

Writer & Social Media Manager

Matt George is the host of Matt George Unsettled: a podcast that is working to lay the blueprint for navigating 21st-century change. He is also our in-house writer and social media manager. When he’s not writing, speaking and collaborating on the intersections of culture, business & technology, he’s working with the Voice Factory team to bring your voice to the world.


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